Understanding The Rules and Regulations of a Cold Storage Facility

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fda inspection for cold storage warehouse

A cold food storage facility is a warehouse that stocks food that is used for both animal and human consumption. From this facility the products are shipped all over the country to other warehouses. These warehouses directly service restaurants and grocery stores. There are strict registration and legislature regarding these spaces. Rules are firmly enforced and these facilities are governed by one of the branches of government. The government offices are mostly responsible for making sure that food safety laws are handled correctly. This ensures customer safety. When it comes to starting a new business of this nature, it is best to contact local authorities to find out the regulations for the specific area.

There are many agencies within the local government that you should call when if you want to start a cold storage facility. First, the health department is one of the biggest components in enforcing laws regarding food handling. They can answer questions about food safety standards, which are also known as the “food code” for the local area. Other agencies can answer questions about zoning, proprietorship and any tax requirements that might be in place. The state agriculture department can give you the information about the laws and regulations that apply to this specific type of business.

There are some things that you need to know about the jurisdictions of the different types of foods. There are three agencies that govern food safety in this country, they are the USDA, FDA and the EPA. There are jurisdiction in the food chain and they are the ones responsible. The first step in the food chain is the farming section. This is where the animals and plants come into the picture. The USDA is responsible for safe practices in farming and transporting to the processing plant. Next, or the second step is the processing. This is where the food is taken and made into a product that is edible. If it’s a meat based storage facility, this will be governed by the USDA, or United States Department of Agriculture. If it is non-meat food items, then it would be governed by the FDA, or Federal Department of Agriculture. The third step is transport and this is administered by the EPA. The food must be shipped from one location to another and the transportation methods are all oversaw by the EPA.

You can also do a great deal of research yourself by going to www.regulations.gov. This site has a plethora of information and may be easier than waiting on hold or standing in line to get the answers that you need. After you have found out all the rules regarding zoning and such, it’s time to write a business plan. The Food for Profit Fact Sheets that is provided by Penn State University is very helpful for those starting a business. This allows you to get information on startup costs, registering the business, insurance and many other resources that are helpful.

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