Automated Cold Storage, Keeping Cost Lower then the Temperature

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Automated Cold Storage
Let’s start off by answering the age old question of what is automated cold storage system. Automated cold storage can starts automatic palletizing. Automatic palletizing is a system using robotic technology that is specifically designed for artic environment required of freezers allowing palletizing in the freezer without frost bitten employees. Cold goods are all wrapped up in a nice little package it can be stored or moved in and out through a small opening that will be immediately sealed once the pallet pass through it.

You may ask why have this set up like a game of mouse trap? It is simply for cost efficacy, with a AS/RS you can cut space requirement by as much as 50% allowing more room for product, labor as much as 70% and reduce energy consumption by 80% which is not only good for the budget but also for the environment.

What you do believe me? Think about the operational cost of a traditional cold storage warehouse. To start unless you employ penguins your employees must have the ability to come and go to recover from the cold ever time the freezer is open it releases the cooled air that you work so have to get. Then they will have to remove the product from the freezer to be able to palletize it and then return it to the freezer. The constant temperature change can lead to ice forming on the product and inside of the freezer. Let’s face it no one wants ice on their product nor do you want to clean ice out of the freezer which will waste more resources and energy.

Something else that you should consider a high-density, rack supported storage which with its deep and tall design maximizes storage space while decreasing the area that needs to be cooled. High-density works well in conjunction with AS/RS to increase efficacy. Also you should keep in mind with cold storage construction roof size which is where most of the cooled air escapes from so with a high-density storage system you can decrease a warehouse footprint which will allow a smaller roof.

Don’t just settle for what meets you current need you should always be looking towards the future and think of what you may need in 5, 10, or even 20 year and how to make it the most productive and cost efficient cold storage warehouse that you can using all possible resources at your disposal.

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