Quality Construction

Quality Construction in the Food Processing industry first has to begin with quality design. Quality design begins with knowledge & understanding of regulatory agencies, code requirements for food processing & manufacturing facilities.

Todd Construction Services personnel are highly trained in the understanding & implementation of design criteria to meet (HACCP) Hazard Awareness & Critical Control Points, (SSOP’s) Sanitation Standard Operating Procedures, (SOP’s) Standard Operating Procedures and (GMP’s) Good Manufacturing Practices criteria, but it doesn’t stop there.

Every facility & every client must be treated with individuality.  You have to know & understand the clients’ intended flow of operations, from raw product in to finish product out, and all aspects in between. We refer to this as “From Farm to Fork”.

Once we have a full understanding of our clients’ operations, our design team incorporates the means & methods and best practices associated with meeting the client’s needs, as well as the regulatory agencies requirements & ultimately the needs & requirements of the end user.

Our quality construction in the food processing & manufacturing industry is a requirement with results. By using proper materials, proper equipment and our best means & methods of construction practices, the result is a facility that operates efficiently, with low maintenance costs, and no down time or lost productivity.

Quality construction in the cold storage warehousing & cold storage distribution industry, has to begin with quality design. It is vital to the function & life expectancy of freezers & coolers. Todd Construction Services has the critical knowledge & understanding required for thermal design and construction. From vapor barrier envelopes to insulation R-Value, from low temperature fixtures to energy efficient refrigeration systems.

Quality design & engineering increases our clients return on investment by developing an energy efficient, low maintenance, high output facility.

Our knowledge and expertise with interior space planning for freezers & coolers gives you the best use of cubic footage & high pile storage capabilities by providing all aspects of design & engineering, including storage racking systems

Our team of qualified construction personnel, provide a seamless construction project. Having full knowledge and understanding of the critical details that need to be met during all aspects of the construction of coolers & freezers; from concept through completion, including facility start up and operations.

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