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Two key components of successful warehouse management are organization and productivity. Although, there are many reasons why organization of your warehouse is extremely important, one of the most important reasons is allowing you to provide your customers and clients with prompt, dependable deliveries. Leaving your customers in a lurch because your business fails to deliver on time is bound have a negative impact on your business.

Increasing sales and profit margins should not be the only consideration when making warehouse organization a priority for your business. Having a well-organized warehouse will not only help your business run more smoothly, but will also help your employees do their jobs more safely and efficiently. This could lead to increased productivity and increased revenues.

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1. Use Solar Light Tubes And Cut Down On Electrical Usage

Solar tubes are cylinders used to capture natural sunlight and bring it into a warehouse, assembly center or an office. They are used to add to or even replace other lighting sources and can have a large effect on your electric bill. They are usually installed on the roof of a building and then come through the ceiling. There are even some kinds of Solar light tubes that automatically track the sun as it moves through the sky. If you install them you may even be eligible for a Federal Tax Credit.

2. Cool Your Roof

May people are shocked at how hot a warehouse roof can get. By using some basic common sense and cool roof technologies that are available today you can reduce the temperature of your roof by up to 100 degrees. The basics are fairly simple. As a beginning step coat your roof with a sturdy and highly reflective paint. The reflective paint will greatly reduce the amount of heat the warehouse will absorb. Use the same reflective paint to coat around the building’s air conditioner units. This will increase the air conditioner’s efficiency and reduce your electricity usage.

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Cold Storage DesignAt Todd Construction, we specialize in creating innovative and reliable solutions for keeping things cold. From the smallest chiller to the largest frozen storage warehouse, we bring the knowledge and expertise necessary to help you dream, design and build the perfect cold storage facility. Because we create each project based upon your individual requirements, we deliver specialized solutions of the highest quality guaranteed to meet your every need. We at Todd Construction understand that each business is unique. We recognize that the client who simply wants a cold room added to an existing building will have very different needs from the client whose project includes creating a sizable food processing and cold storage warehouse entirely from scratch. We have the expert ability to address any type of cold storage project regardless of size. We know how to manage the differences between everything from a dairy processing facility to a frozen foods manufacturing plant. We listen to you and make your needs our first priority, solving the challenges of cold storage regardless of the scope or scale. Every building project starts with the proper design. Understanding how to develop your building with the purpose of harnessing the cold in mind is what sets Todd Construction apart from other companies. Our engineers are completely familiar with the ins and outs of the cold storage business. We work side by side with you from the very beginning, freeing you from all of the stress and hassle of the construction process. We know the hurdles and how to overcome them. For example, we understand how something as basic as site selection can drive many of the details that we must take into consideration during the planning of your facility. These details, such as the purpose of your warehouse, its size, the climate where it is located, and even the soil upon which it will sit, require specific decisions to be made concerning the selection of wall materials, insulation, and even flooring. Our knowledge of the fact that a basic concrete floor of the sort found in a typical warehouse would be thoroughly insufficient if installed in a building primarily used for frozen food processing or storage means you never have to worry about it. The experts at Todd Construction will see to it that you get the quality you expect down to the smallest detail. Cold Storage EngineeringCreating cold processing and storage facilities is our business, but we recognize that we build these facilities so that you can conduct business of your own. Focused on each building’s ultimate use, our team of experts strive to ensure that your warehouse or cold room will minimize your operational costs over its lifetime. Energy efficiency is one of our primary objectives when choosing materials and construction methods. You can rely on Todd Construction to apply the latest available technology in your facility’s plans, giving you years of optimized productivity to increase your bottom line. At Todd Construction, we also understand that your business needs room to grow. We make it possible for you to build your dreams based upon the needs of today, and also help you plan for future prosperity. By setting the cornerstones of growth into your custom designs from the beginning, we make it easier for your business to expand when the time is right. When your success depends on a consistent cold storage processing facility or warehouse, make sure you work with the design team who can give you the quality you deserve. Contact the expert engineers at Todd Construction today, and let your cold storage worries melt away.
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