Key Steps into Managing Your Warehouse

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Cold Storage Construction Warehouse

Two key components of successful warehouse management are organization and productivity. Although, there are many reasons why organization of your warehouse is extremely important, one of the most important reasons is allowing you to provide your customers and clients with prompt, dependable deliveries. Leaving your customers in a lurch because your business fails to deliver on time is bound have a negative impact on your business.

Increasing sales and profit margins should not be the only consideration when making warehouse organization a priority for your business. Having a well-organized warehouse will not only help your business run more smoothly, but will also help your employees do their jobs more safely and efficiently. This could lead to increased productivity and increased revenues.

Here are five warehouse storage organization tips for small businesses:

  • Label every section and aisle in your warehouse just like supermarkets do. Your workers will be able to fulfill orders quickly and efficiently, rather than wasting valuable time locating items that would easily found if a labeling system were in place.
  • Unless your company is fortunate enough to have access to cherry picking machines be mindful not to stack your inventory to high. Stacking your inventory properly will not only allow easy access to your inventory, but it has the added benefit of providing a safer working environment for your employees.
  • Stack your inventory according to weight. Heaviest items should always be stored on the bottom, while lighter items are best stored on top. Organizing your warehouse in this way will help your business’ bottom line by minimizing losses due to damage. It will also help prevent needless injuries to your employees.
  • Arrange the products stored in your warehouse by category. Most companies ship products from several categories. If this is true, then you should organize products within each category. In a clothing warehouse store shirts in one section and pants in another section etc. Arranging items properly will help order pickers locate merchandise more quickly. It will also streamline the labeling process.
  • Store your fast-moving inventory in the front of the warehouse. Quick access to your highest selling items will minimize confusion for your employees, and speed up your packing and shipping process. Keeping fast-moving products on the front-line will ensure that customers get items that they want most more quickly.

Keeping a well-organized storage warehouse is simply good business!

8 Tips for Saving on Warehouse Costs

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1. Use Solar Light Tubes And Cut Down On Electrical Usage

Solar tubes are cylinders used to capture natural sunlight and bring it into a warehouse, assembly center or an office. They are used to add to or even replace other lighting sources and can have a large effect on your electric bill. They are usually installed on the roof of a building and then come through the ceiling. There are even some kinds of Solar light tubes that automatically track the sun as it moves through the sky. If you install them you may even be eligible for a Federal Tax Credit.

2. Cool Your Roof

May people are shocked at how hot a warehouse roof can get. By using some basic common sense and cool roof technologies that are available today you can reduce the temperature of your roof by up to 100 degrees. The basics are fairly simple. As a beginning step coat your roof with a sturdy and highly reflective paint. The reflective paint will greatly reduce the amount of heat the warehouse will absorb. Use the same reflective paint to coat around the building’s air conditioner units. This will increase the air conditioner’s efficiency and reduce your electricity usage.

3. Upgrade your buildings Insulation. 

You have two choices here plain batt insulation and loose filled or spray foam. Of the choices, the most efficient is the spray foam. It is slightly more expensive but the additional savings are well worth the extra expense.

4. Install Induction or Fluorescent Lighting

One of the best thing you can do for more efficiency is to change your lighting. You just won’t believe how much money this simple fix will save you. Most lighting is from metal halide fixtures. Replace those fixtures with fluorescent lights, when you do your new lighting will use 50% less energy. You can even save even more if you want. Switch over to induction lighting. This lighting offers about and extra 40% efficiency increase over fluorescent lighting.

5. Reduce Lighting Usage In Your Warehouse By Redoing Your Lighting Plan 

One way to rethink your warehouse lighting, and as a consequence, your electricity usage is to implement a task lighting plan to reduce your energy usage. If you are involved in assembly move lighting closer to the employees. By doing this simple yet obvious thing your overall electrical usage can be reduced. You can increase your savings by combining this with natural lighting and even motion sensor triggered artificial light if you need more.

6. Install Controllable Thermostats

Controllable thermostats are used everywhere today, the problem with them is that many of them are just not programmed. We don’t know how to program them is the main reason heard for why they aren’t being used. This is absolutely no excuse for not using this money saving technology. Pick an employee and make it his job to track the temperature changes over the course of a work day and once that is done make it his or her job to learn how to and then program the thermostat. Not being knowing how to use this money saving device is no excuse.

7. Install Lighting Sensors

Lighting sensors are just motion sensors that are programmed to turn lighting off when areas in a warehouse have low activity and lighting is not critical. These areas might also be better served with the use of solar light tubes.

8. Use Destratification Fans.

In colder climates and in the winter months destratification fans can save you a bundle. What they do sounds surprisingly simple. Since hot air rises a destratification fan pushes the hot air at the top of the warehouse down to the floor of the warehouse. One of the most respected of these fans is manufactured by Big Ass Fans – Yes that’s the company’s name –

By using these money saving tips, you will be surprised at the progress you company can achieve.

The Global Necessity for Cold Storage

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A fast growing global population and the enveloping risks that need feasible storage for vaccines and various medicines are the only important reasons that having a precise plan available for cold chain logistics. This is factual not only for businesses but for the world at large.

Many people to feed

The raise in population, particularly in third world states, implies that an even high demand for foodstuff is on the horizon. Moreover, having the ability to stockpile unpreserved foodstuffs for them to be sold later also means knowing the logistics of cold chains and the ways they will deliver augmented revenue in the subsequent years.

On top of having extra mouths to feed, the desire of several customers to have the freshest and natural foodstuff accessible has to be pondered. Produce is one section of the food market that is particularly susceptible to temperature concerns. The good thing is that all these worries can be assuaged by cold chain logistics.

Availability throughout the year

From the economic perception that covers far beyond the borders of the U.S, cold storage is helpful in balancing the cost for seasonal foodstuffs. This is for the reason that there is a possibility of preserving the viable for a period of time the moment such products is not available for supplies.

Instead of charging high price for a short duration, the balanced pricing assist households around the globe maintain their budget, which is always tight.

Travelling factors to consider

Some products might have long journeys, with markets for all industries continuing to grow in the most populous states on earth, India, and China. As the unversed becomes connected, the desire by every state to extend their scope of access to a wide variety of foodstuff, particularly in the regions of perishables, will go up.

Using demand feedback

One strategic plan that assists in addressing the arduous costs linked with offering the energy needed for such cool environment is to embrace the concept of demand feedback.

In this case, firms make money by minimizing the energy usage in times of peak seasons. During first glimpse, the idea appears illogical, given that visions of damaged food and medicine will probably come into people’s minds.
Nevertheless, switching off a unit for a short period will not make any food or medicine that is refrigerated to spoil.

Delivering medicine where it is needed most

Eradication of diseases is hard enough without taking into consideration if the vaccines that are made will be accessible to the affected individuals. In some occasions, these vaccines require being administered frequently, which means to have a solid grasp on the logistic of cold chains is priceless. Suitable cold storage techniques will assure a constant flow of this life-saving medicine.

Cold Storage Warehouse Construction and Businesses

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cold storage construction project

Do You Need a Large Cooling Space?
Every business that requires a sizable space for cooling items will discover that cold storage construction will be needed to build facilities that can regulate colder temperatures. If a business has a need for a large space, a refrigeration unit will not usually be adequate and a cold storage warehouse will need to be designed and built. This warehouse will assist the business to manage the temperature of all resources inside the building. A cold storage warehouse will meet these needs when a small refrigeration unit will not suffice.

Cold Storage Buildings
Constructing the right building is going to be beneficial for every company if a company is going to need this type of cold storage facility. The right building will be required. A building must have enough storage for all items. The right office space will also be taken into consideration in order to properly manage the facility. Keep in mind, the cold storage and refrigerated unit will greatly help the business to manage the temperature of their products. Those individuals who are running the building are going to require adequate office space as well. The right building and space will keep a facility running smooth and efficient.

Scaled for the Business
Each building is built to match the size of the business. They will be built to fit the properties. Location is taken into consideration when a building is being constructed and there is a large variety of styles to choose from. A business may have a certain design in mind and they can place a special request for the design along with location specifications. There will be a style that will fit all of the storage needs. The building will be made to provide every business with long-term storage solutions. These are solutions that are going to save money in the long run.

Construction Plans Foster Efficiency
The construction plans will be put together. These are plans that will foster efficiency. The plans for the building will be put together in a method that will be of great assistance in getting the work completed in a fast and efficient way. The work will not be slowed down. When the building is being planned, they will also incorporate solutions that will manage all cold storage in a simple and efficient way.

Cold Storage Construction Management
Keep in mind that there are numerous methods that will ensure that your cold storage needs are completed quickly. Prompt and effective solutions will keep your business functioning well. Every business will appreciate cold storage solutions at a fair price that will fit into the business budget.

Todd Construction Services – Cold Storage Construction

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Your business needs to have a company they can trust for your cold storage construction. Todd Construction Services has been in the cold storage construction business since 1972 and we are the top experts in our field.

Cold Storage Construction of Brewing Company

We are the design and construction team you need if you are planning to create complex cold storage warehouses from R&D and quality control facilities to a frozen food manufacturing plants. Our experiences with a wide range of different clients and their different fields give us a big advantage over other cold storage construction companies. We are experts in food processing and manufacturing facilities, offices, hot kitchens, cold storage construction, and much more. We just finished construction of an operating surgical facility complete with training rooms, conference center, and operating room.

View our clients and Testimonials

Our decades of experience and professionalism will make sure you and your company will receive the best service and value. Our clients’ satisfaction is our top priority. Our innovative and dependable solutions for your intricate cold storage construction needs are second to none and our team has the skills to address any project no mater how large it is.

The key to our success is understanding every part of the project and the steps involved from the initial design work to the completion of the project. Our team of engineers are focused on every detail involved with your cold storage construction and will make sure you have the best quality outcome.

When you want a reliable company that will give you the results that you need, trust Todd Construction Services. We will make your cold storage construction worries melt away!

The Benefits of Controlling your Cold Warehouse

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Temperature controlled warehouses are critical when you work in the cold supply chain. These type of mechanically controlled cold storage warehouses are much more efficient and convenient than traditional methods.Product shelf life can be substantially increased using cold chain logistics. Many types produce, and other items can be stored in these warehouses. Some common food storage and a cold-chain warehouse include dairy, meat, fruits, and bakery Goods. In some instances, medical supplies need to be stored in a cold warehouse as well. Some examples of these items include blood, medicines, vaccines, and insulin.

Another positive aspect of cold warehouse storage includes a smaller warehouse. Cold Storage warehouses need about a quarter of the amount of space that larger non-refrigerated warehouses need. Energy costs are also significantly reduced when using a cold storage warehouse. This reduction is because energy costs are greater for cooling than they are for heating. Large un-refrigerated open-air warehouses have a larger roof area which allows cold air to escape. Refrigerated warehouses have smaller roof surfaces, therefore, allowing for less cold air to be allowed to escape thus resulting in energy savings.Cold warehouses require less human labor as opposed to the non-refrigerated warehouses. Most of the work is done away from the refrigerated areas. This measure helps keep worker turned over to a minimum.Workers tend to leave their cold storage warehouse jobs quite frequently. Safety issues are also eliminated because workers are not in the in the aisles. This method also allows for greater accuracy. There is a higher degree of precision when loading supplies than traditional methods.Manual inventory is also eliminated which reduces the bottom line. Locating the proper produce or stock is essential in this industry. Cold storage warehouses are very accurate and allow for reduced in between time to deliver the product to the customer. Weight scales are also built into these units to verify loads. It is all so much easier to keep up with rotating stock to make sure that it’s fresh. This rotation makes sure that the oldest inventory is shipped first rather than sitting.Cold storage warehouses also create and almost 100% order fulfillment rate. There are many reasons to go with a cold storage Warehouse. It hits all the check marks when trying to improve and optimize storage and Warehouse businesses.

Some Effective Ways Warehouses can Save Money and the Environment

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Can using electric forklifts help to control the emission of greenhouse gases and ultimately help the environment? You bet! In fact, using electric forklifts – as opposed to propane operating forklifts, can help to save over 20,000 pounds of greenhouse gases every year, according to a study conducted between 2010-2015.

What does it mean to save money while having a lower impact on the environment? For warehouses, it means a lot! That’s why the types of forklifts that a company uses can have a big impact on the environment, but can also be inconsistent with environmental preservation.

So the questions can be asked…electric forklifts or propane forklifts? After safety in a warehouse setting is achieved, the next best way to operate is through efficiency. The forklift is vastly important for any warehouse that conducts business. So what is the better choice to go with, electric forklifts or propane forklifts? When it comes to these two choices, the best and most environmentally friendly would be the electric forklifts. Why? Because electric forklifts have zero emissions which means there are no exhaust fumes contaminating the warehouse, which makes it much less likely that warehouse employees are exposed to dangerous fumes. By using the electric forklifts, air quality is automatically improved. The electricity used by electric forklifts helps significantly lower greenhouse gases, which are often used to power forklifts.

Electric forklifts also help warehouses save a lot of money in their operations. For example, if you take a normal 8 hour shift, and using an electric forklift, only about $4 of electricity is used. In contrast, using a propane forklift will cost about $20 for a full day’s use. Using electrical forklifts can reduce warehouse costs in a big way – no fuel needed, no engine oil and no radiator coolant or transmission fluid; environmental conditions dramatically improve when using electrical forklifts.

The power of electric forklifts in warehouses is an unexpendable resource that vastly improves work in warehouses. It is efficient in saving money and energy, as well as keeping the warehouse environmentally friendly. Forklifts play a major role in the development of efficiency in a warehouse, so choose wisely when it comes to electric or propane.

3 Tips to Save Energy This Summer

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The typical U.S. warehouse generally consists of a huge storage space with ample fixtures that generate high energy costs, which typically run upwards of 64%, however, Smart warehouses have opened the door for warehouse owners to run sophisticated operations, while also saving on energy costs.

Smart warehouses help save energy costs, increase energy efficiency and lower their carbon footprint in the following three ways:

HVAC Systems

As a rule of thumb, HVAC systems should be fitted according to the energy loads required. Incorporating large destratification fans along with the HVAC system, during cooler months, will help keep temperatures at a comfortable level by forcing warm air down.

Clean HVAC filters also help improve HVAC efficiency, therefore, filters should be exchanged on a regular basis in order to reap the benefits. Combining a programmable thermostat with your HVAC system also increases energy efficiency by allowing owners to heat and cool various areas within the warehouse for a desired length of time.

Variable speed drives for fans, pumps, HVAC and cooling towers synchronize motor speeds to the current loads, which can reduce power usage by up to 50%. Owners should also consider replacing electric forklifts with diesel ones, because they do not place the same demand on HVAC systems.

Owners should also note that utility companies offer rebates for warehouses that reduce their demand during peak-load hours.


Proper insulation helps keep cool air out and warm air in, which also helps increase warehouse energy efficiency. Plug spaces in door seals and consider dock shelters as opposed to roll up dock doors, which offer more energy efficiency. Warehouse owners should also consider using spray foam or loose foam as opposed to batt insulation, which does not offer the same energy efficiency.

Temperature-controlled warehouses allow air exchange with outside weather conditions when unloading and loading, which can increase energy loads. Cool roofs display the same properties as thermal emittance and high solar reflectance, which helps keep inside temperatures fairly low, though they are most effective in locations where outside temperatures are mild.

Proper wall and roof insulation can help save warehouse owners up to 40% on energy costs.


Natural lighting provides the perfect solution for reducing energy costs. The addition of solar tubes reflect natural light into the space without disturbing the structure of the warehouse. Skylights and task lights placed where needed, also decrease energy consumption. Likewise, vacancy and occupation sensors and bi-level switches used in conjunction with Super T8 linear fluorescent light fixtures also help decrease energy costs because of their quick response times. Lastly, painting the walls white helps improve light reflection, so there is less need for high-power lighting, which helps save energy.

An Organized Warehouse is An Efficient Warehouse

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Based on the concept of Lean Manufacturing, improving your warehouses efficiency will make it far less likely that there will be complications. It will also reduce waste and lower cost as an effect. So how do you achieve this efficient setup? Let’s go over the details, shall we?

Know Your Space

It is beneficial to know the floor plan and space design of the warehouse. The shelving, desks, traffic patterns and open floor space all need to be accounted for. If you are having your warehouse built, incorporate these concepts into the design. An example here would be to know the exact need for shelving so you can compensate for foot traffic.

Be Meticulous

There is a place for everything and you know them all. Period. Have an easy to understand order to things and a filing system that works well. It makes the system easily teachable. You are far less likely to lose or misplace things this way. An example here would be to never stack different items together. 

Stay Organized

This goes hand in hand with being meticulous. Organization can mean the difference between on time and a cancellation. It also means keeping the areas clean of any debris or containers. Make sure that everybody is on the same page here. An example here would be to place a chart, clearly visible with organization details.

Monitor Your Inventory

If you have something in your space that isn’t checked or doesn’t belong, move it out. It is taking up valuable space. Make sure to designate specific areas for specific items. This will eliminate any confusion. In addition, selling or getting rid of unnecessary items will keep from undue expansion costs. A smaller space means less cost for security measures as well. 

Following these simple guidelines will help your bottom line and your sanity when it comes to your warehouse operation. There may be a few adjustments that aren’t listed here, but these are the key points to consider for any warehouse. In the end, it is the warehouse manager who puts all of this into motion and keep it operating smoothly. This is the foundation to a properly-run warehouse operation, small or large scale.

Maintaining efficiency is the primary goal of any business, at least it should be. If you maintain yours properly, you’ll thank yourself for it.

Warehouse Energy Saving Methods

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Warehouse Saving Energy
Warehouses can be major points of energy consumption, raising the bottom-line of any business. By lowering energy needs, a company can save 5% to 20% on those irritating overhead costs. Thankfully, there are methods of reducing energy usage that can be easy to implement. Some methods require new installations, whereas some methods are simply changing the way existing equipment is used, but the following recommendations do not permit extensive reconstruction.

Run Short Cycles

Allow machinery that is not always in use to be regulated. Turn lights off in areas without activities. Motion sensors are beneficial in controlling lighting functions. In a warehouse that does not contain temperature sensitive products, keep the temperature lower at night, and raise it during the afternoons. Not only will these methods decrease your energy footprint, but also it will positively influence the life of your hardware. Some of the additional benefits of short cycles are:

  • Higher Operation Efficiency
  • Less Repair Downtime
  • Extended Life of Equipment

Replace Equipment

There are some equipment options that could provide return on investment by reducing energy footprint. Upgrade to high-efficiency motors that use less energy to produce more power. Specifically, conveyors can be ran by motors that have variable speed to match the needs of the moment. High-efficiency heating/cooling systems will alleviate high energy. Low-friction conveyor belts could reduce the amount of power needed to propel the movement. Finally, low-impact lightbulbs will draw less energy than normal incandescents, so switch to metal halides, high-pressure sodiums, LEDs or fluorescents. If renovating an old warehouse or building a new one, consider a raised start-up investment on better quality equipment to reduce longterm operating costs. Plus, less funding will be spent on maintance.

Vertical Warehousing

By building upward rather than outward, a warehouse can reduce land costs, transportation requirements and environmental impact. Multi-story warehouses can operate in dense neighborhoods rather than occupying large open spaces. Recover open space under the ceiling by using automatic retrieval systems, like Vertical Carousels, and Vertical Lift Modules, that reach farther than typical manual methods.

Easy Savings

These methods of energy saving can be implemented into most any building design without heavy contracting. Remove lightbulbs from fixtures that use multiple bulbs. White walls will cater to light better than other colors, so consider a new paint job. Dock shelters reduce air exchange, so heating/cooling costs will be reduced. Replace older styles of insulation with spray foam or loose fill to reduce heat exchange. Lastly, check local energy incentives.

Sustainable warehouse implementation will benefit companies in multiple ways. Overhead cost goes down, customer appreciation increases, and environmental impact is less significant. Sustainability is a relatively easy investment that results in all around business savings.

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